Daniel Burke

Speaker / Leader / Engineer


I'm a generalist engineer, manager, designer, talent developer, and speaker. I love creation and implementation. I love data-driven decision making. I develop native and browser-based software that leverages a fine balance of new technology and user experience. I lead teams and grow people. I bring my whole self to work.



My work is on millions of phones around the world 📱 🌎. Whether I'm leading, engineering, or designing a project, I'm heavily involved in the ideation and exploratory phases. The software projects that I'm a part of are beautiful, reliable, and have impact.

Swaay: Connecting open-minded people

Swaay is a platform for connecting people of diverse opinions and facilitating thoughtful and meaningful discussions. This project is currently in private beta and will ship in 2019. Myself and another engineer are architecting and building it, while the design is by me.

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Handshake: Student Job Discovery

I was one of the two original mobile engineers at Handshake and helped ship our first native app to the App Store. As the Mobile Lead and team Manager, working closely with our design and product teams, I helped guide us to 4.8 App Store rating.

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Yelp: Realtime Messaging

While at Yelp I helped architect and build real-time messaging as a part of the Request-A-Quote feature. The typing indicator was one of the first visible features that was built on top of this architecture (by another engineer on our team).

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ForRent iOS

This was my first Swift project and it nearly died on the shelf. I began it as a way to learn Swift 1.2 and once it was close to feature complete I hoped we could ship it. Then Swift 2.0 happened. Still, I designed the UI and was particularly fond on the search bar being placed near the bottom of the view to accommodate users with large phone screens. The app has largely diverged from my design since I left ForRent.com in 2016.

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ForRent: Community Messenger

The Community Messenger platform was developed to let apartment community managers send pertinent information to their residents and rental prospects via text. I managed the concept, design, engineering, and delivery of the Web, iOS, and Android platforms as well as the services to support them.

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Sift Rentals

"Sift Rentals is fast, fun*, and chock-full of rentals. Quickly “sift” through a huge selection of rental properties to discover your next home faster and easier than ever before!" I built a custom "swipe" mechanism that transitioned smoothly between the stack and list view. This project is no longer supported and has been removed from the App Store.

Burberry Kisses - Mobile

While at Grow, in Norfolk VA, I built the majority of the mobile version of Burberry Kisses, a campaign site to promote a new lipstick line by Burberry. Users could kiss the screen, choose a lipstick color, and send a note to a loved one. The site won several awards, including a "Mobile of the Day" from #FWA

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The Fantasy Matchup

Fantasy Matchup was a tool to help you build your fantasy football team. It was featured by Wired Magazine. Together with the new code base and the use of icon fonts rather than images, I was able to cut the download size by nearly 70%. This project is no longer supported and has been removed from the App Store.


I began building this app as a part of my Master's thesis in 2011. It was my first real project that other people actually used. I learned just as much about user interaction as I did about iOS engineering. I also like to take credit for concepting "Reactions" long before Facebook did. This project actually never made it to production, though we did pitch it at Tech Crunch Disrupt in "Start-up Alley" in 2012.